We are adding burette IV sets to the trucks. Per request here is a video to make you familiar with the equipment:


The Austin/Travis County EMS System changed the way we perform cardiac arrest resuscitation. Recent studies indicate that continuous compressions are the most significant component of cardiac arrest when used in conjunction with early defibrillation. First Responders and Paramedics in the Austin/Travis County EMS System have implemented a “Pit Crew” model for cardiac arrest. This model scripts the first six minutes of a cardiac arrest to assure that victims of cardiac arrest receive optimal compressions in addition to other life saving interventions. To learn more please visit the following link:

Pit Crew Model

An infant version of Pit Crew has also recently been developed and is currently being implemented into the A/TCEMS System. Click on the following link to view:

Infant Pit Crew Model

To watch Dr. Hinchey’s presentation on the philosophy behind our new cardiac arrest model click on the following link. In this presentation he also discusses our “Philosophy of Five”.

Dr. Paul Hinchey on Cardiac Arrest and the Pit Crew Model

Finally, here is our guideline in PDF format:

CPR – Pit Crew